Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Obama Restaurant Watch

Obama pi=chicken & hot sauce.

Dring a campaign stop last fall in St. Louis, President Barack Obama said he loved the pizza from Pi on the Delmar Loop.

He loved it so much that he wants seconds. So he’s invited Pi’s owners to the White House to make some more pies.

Owner Chris Sommers and partner Ryan Mangiarlardo plan to make 10 deep dish and 10 thin crust pizzas for the Obamas on Friday, said Cory Watkins, a kitchen manager for the restaurant, which opened a year ago.

“Pi’s very pro-Obama,” Watkins said. “Chris had Obama staffers stay at his house. And after the election we served a Broccoli Obama pizza.”

Sommers' restaurant has garnered some attention from other celebrities as well. He said he was busy Wednesday delivering pizzas to actor George Clooney and the cast and crew of "Up in the Air," which are still filming in St. Louis.

He was also preparing for his trip to Washington, D.C.

"It's been a little surreal," he said of the presidential invite and media coverage.

Sommers met Obama in 2007 at a fundraiser in St. Louis, where he also met basketball star Reggie Love, who became one of Obama's aides. When Obama held a rally under the Gateway Arch last fall, Sommers asked Love if Obama wanted to try Pi pizza. Apparently, the president has been talking about it ever since.

Sommers is planning a pie especially for Obama: the Hyde Park, with some presidential favorites, chicken and hot sauce.

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