Thursday, April 09, 2009

Water Wars, Coming Soon To A Continent Near You

From Comcast:

Mexico City has turned off the tap to millions of residents because water reserves have reached historic lows.

The two-day shutdown of a main pipeline starting Thursday affects at least 5 million of the 20 million people in the Mexico City valley. It is the third time this year the metropolis has temporarily turned off the tap to conserve water.

The water restrictions come as many residents are out of town for Holy Week.

An unusually dry rainy season last year left the city's Cutzamala water system at 47 percent capacity compared to 85 percent in previous years. The system supplies 20 percent of the area's water.

The government says it will restore 50 percent of service Saturday and full service by Wednesday.

Here we go.


xan said...

*sigh*. Diamond's "Collapse" is a wonderful followup to "1491" don'tcha think? This has happened over and over again, and every time the warnings are ignored.

That area cannot remotely support that size of population. Of course you can define "that area" on a number of different scales...

/tries not to think of the pix of Earthrise from space

Persephone said...

Here in California, we're looking at water rationing this summer. Unless we get some major storms, this will become standard for us if the population does not drop. We're not planning to stay in California, despite my husband and my sons being born here, and how much we love the Bay Area. Change is here.