Sunday, April 05, 2009

Full Moon Magic

During the campaign, and up through the Inauguration, lots of Pagans were doing political magic. And it's normal to get burned out, to stop for a rest, to turn to other things.

But there's a full Moon this week, in Libra, the sign of balance. And if you were casting about for a good magical project, you could do worse than to send some energy to Elizabeth Warren, to work some magic to let her balance out the insanity of Geithner and Sumers. I've no doubt that she's a xian, but she can use all the help that she can get. And, she fucking rocks.

She's a woman trying to talk financial sense to a bunch of men who, of course, are sure that they know best. So you understand what she's up against.

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Rhode Island Rules said...

Yes, and the men all hear blah, blah, blah and nag, nag, nag. Men do NOT like to be told what to do, especially by a woman. They can think she is bright and right and respect her but they will not admit it by adopting any of her recommendations. I am sure that she took all in-house routes, memos, etc to tell everyone that Treasury was ignoring the TARP overseers before going public. They ignored all the internal communications forcing her hand. But now that she has "embarrassed" Geithner in public she will be ignored further if not outwardly punished and dismissed.
*Sigh* Why can't men evolve? Is there a spell for that?

Anonymous said...

I suspect this will change, slowly, with the increase of male primary caregivers. In my observation, people of both sexes are reluctant to accept female authority as adults because it feels infantilizing - their early years were spent mainly under the authority of mothers and female primary-school teachers, with the proportion of male authority figures steadily growing as they matured. So long as answering to a man is associated with the privileges of adulthood, answering to a woman will feel like being sent for a time-out.

Anonymous said...

But did she ask for you to do magic on or for her? I for one can't do that unless she gives permission. But I appreciate your intention.

ql said...

I'll save Hecate the trouble and call bullshit on anonymous. There is absolutely no reason women should have to wait another second to be taken seriously by people who have mother problems. If we have to wait for these people to evolve I'll be long dead before it happens.

Hecate said...


It's my country and I do magic for it all the time. Getting those in power to pay attention to Elizabeth Warren would help America, so I have no problem doing magic to support that. If I drive past an auto wreck, I quickly send energy to help to repair the web; no one asks me to. I do it because I live in this world and, as a witch, feel a need to heal.

Of course, if your ethics dictate otherwise, then you shouldn't do magic for Elizabeth Warren. I'm sure there's other magic you can do on the full moon. Blessed Be.

Hecate said...


What ql said.

nanoboy said...

I think you folks will be pleased by the younger generation, who in my experience, are perfectly willing to take advice from, take orders from, and otherwise generally respect women in authority. There are holdovers, of course, but by and large, we expect equal opportunity for women. We know it's not here yet, but in a lot of ways, it's just a matter of waiting for the old guard to die, no offense to the liberal older readers of this blog. If it were up to me, you'd be reborn or whatever directly into our society once you cross that silvery brook.

clymela said...

Yaeh!! A day late but yes to healing work all the time and for all of us. Specific healing in answer to a specific request yes and yes to perceived need for healing and support.
Anonymous-read nanoboy. this is y experience with my 28 year old male commute partner and with other young ones. Don't mind cycling off either but perhaps not for a couple of decades.