Sunday, October 25, 2009

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

A few years ago, I was in a shopping mall -- not a normal occurrence for me -- and I walked past a Bombay Company outlet that had in its window the hugest silverplate pumpkin punchbowl. It was on sale, just following Halloween, and I couldn't resist.

Of course, I should have realized that every year, between mid-November when I put it away, and mid-October when I pull it out again, the damn thing would tarnish like nobody's business. I never look forward to the polishing job that it takes to make it presentable. Yet, I've found a way to make the process magical. I spend some time before polishing thinking about the things that I need now to wipe out of my life and project them onto the tarnish that covers my big harvest pumpkin centerpiece. I hum an old tune from South Pacific, although it's generally not a man nor my hair that I'm considering. Somehow, it makes the job more interesting.

I can't believe that we're six short days away from Samhein. What do you still have to polish between now and then?


greekwitch said...

Than Goddess no polishing ahead!
I just read your previous ppost. This is horrible! Who could have guessed that in the year 2009 these things could still happen?

Teacats said...

Ooooooo -- thats a wonderful punchbowl -- just right for my Bloody Good Martinis (Cosmos with extra cran-pomergranate juice)! OR -- if you would rather -- you could just place a huge gorgeous pot of flowers or mums in there! Or hide the candy -- of course!

Hope you can see this video from CharmingPixie Flora (186 - Witches Brew) -- her punch recipe!

Of course I would add a hefty dose of dark rum instead of rose petals -- but thats our way here at Rosemary Cottage!

Cheers! Jan at Rosemary Cottage