Friday, October 09, 2009

My New Name For A Blog

What Susie Said.

The average American might even be angry if he/she understood the fact that he spends five times as much for procedures as other people do. But Gwen Ifill isn’t going to tell Americans that. . . .

Why? Why do we spend twice as much for drugs? Why do we spend five times more for procedures? In a rational world, this remarkable state of affairs would lead to strings of front-page reports.

But you don’t live in a rational world. You live in the United States, a society which is owned by corporate interests—unlike the other societies in those OECD data.

That ownership is enabled by the dulled sensibilities found in the mainstream and career liberal worlds.

Go read the whole thing.


The One and Only Elfwench said...

Greed. Greed built us up in the last 150 years and it will be our downfall. Or maybe I should say it is our downfall.

Rhode Island Rules said...

Oh, it's because we do ALL the research and we are SO awesome and if the pharmas didn't make HUGE profits there would be no more research don't ya know.

Yeah, right. If pharma wants more profit stop spending millions on advertising, same with health insurers. Drop your CEO and other high officers salaries and bennies.

Why do hospitals charge up to $5 for a single Tylenol? Because they can.

They are starting to feel the heat but we need politicians who are willing to press it for the people as well. I do love Grayson but unfortunately most of the people in the millionaire boy's club that is the Senate (women included) are fine with voting against their constituents if it means more money in their own pockets, even if they have more money then they could ever use in a lifetime.