Saturday, October 10, 2009

Reading To Children

The NYT has a review of three children's books about Halloween (not Samhein). They all sound wonderful, but I especially love the evocative poetry from Only a Witch Can Fly:

The dark night around you fills with Fly, fly,
and bright yellow moonlight shines down.
Cat, by your side, purrs a gentle
Bye, bye,
and Owl stares up at a star, so far.
Your heart tells you
now and you walk to the door.
Cat arches his back and croons
, Soon.

Isn't that JUST how it is on those windy, Fall nights when you stand at the door, watch the clouds skud past the Moon, and simply LONG to hop on a broom and go?

G/Son and I are still really enjoying The Last Wild Witch (which is not really about Halloween or Samhein but about the role of witches in the modern world and about how to use non-violent resistance), but we may have to check out these new books, as well. Maybe with a cup of warm cider and some oatmeal cookies.

Picture found here.

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Double Jointed Fingers said...

Thank you for the book review! My granddaughter has a couple of books about fairies and is completely captivated. I have been looking for some other books for her and this is a good start.