Monday, November 09, 2009

One More Time

Some things make me so angry that I become inarticulate. So:

What Amanda Said


What Ericka Said.

Since before the Civil War, the nice progressive men have been explaining to women why we had to wait for our rights. First it was to free the slaves. Then it was to win WWI. Then it was so we could get Civil Rights for African Americans. Then it was so we could end the war in Viet Nam. Now, it's so we can get a health care bill passed. It's odd how we can't multitask. But I'm old enough to detect a pattern here. And I don't fucking like it.


Josh said...

Fear and power. That's all its ever been about.

ERG said...
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ERG said...

thank you, dear friend, for the link. i actually broke 100 hits today, which never happens,thanks to you, on a post that means a lot to me.

i guess we'll be seeing u in our nation's Capitol as soon as Sam grows into that onesie.

Makarios said...

Amanda was spot on when she remarked that contraception coverage will be the next target. And, if, quod absit, the Supremes ever reverse Roe, the next target for the anti-choicers will be Griswold. Count on it.

Lyon said...

Well said. How can anyone like it and if they do, then they aren't paying attention. This is a huge fucking mess.