Sunday, November 08, 2009

To Be A Witch

Most of us, most witches, don't, however much we might imagine that we long for it, live in a snug little cottage deep in the woods where we spend all day long doing witchy stuff and posing like the heroines in Waterhouse paintings. We live in apartments in big cities and we have jobs and families and bills and Blackberries and computers and a million distractions and a million demands on our time.

And it's easy, too easy, to come to a place where it almost seems "natural" to have "everyday life," and, then, on the 8 Sabbats and an occasional time or three when we decide to do some "real magic" to address a problem, to remember that we're witches. And, that's ok, if that's ok, you know what I mean?

But there's more to living the life of a witch than the occasional festival, spellcasting, purchase of another tarot deck (repeat after me: buying stuff is not a spiritual practice). And one of the simplest ways to deepen as a witch is to engage in a daily practice: Center. Ground. Breathe. Pull back into the center spot in your belly all of the millions of strands of yourself that you've spun out into the universe. Connect, or more accurately, remind yourself of the connection that you have to Earth, Sky, Fire, Water, Center. Remember that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience and that both of those aspects matter. Remind yourself that the way to respond to this work assignment, this demanding child, this reckless, inconsiderate driver, this insane politics of war, this demand on your time is as a witch. Check: Are you, as a manifestation of the Goddess, doing the work for which the Goddess manifested?

If you can stop and do that throughout your day, you're a witch whether or not you've studied a year-and-a-day with Lady MeadowStarFox, ever danced the Spiral Dance beneath a full Moon, ever grown a single herb or worn a pentacle or consumed Cakes and Ale.

Set the alarm on your iPhone. Program pop-up reminders on your laptop. Wear a bracelet or a ring and do your practice whenever you notice them.

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mermaiden said...

thank you for the reminder to step out of the mundane- personally, i get very caught up in the daily stresses of life and don't even realize i'm not breathing :D

greekwitch said...

While i was reading your post i was smiling gratefully because now before i ll close my eyes to sleep i will meditate and feel! I hope i will manage to practice it daily!

Ryan Sutton said...

A great reminder, one I'm struggling to keep a hold of lately. Some days I have to remember just to breath, let alone to center and be open and aware, to follow the example of my God and Goddess. Thank you.

Ryan Sutton said...

oh and... that mandala picture is amazing.

Double Jointed Fingers said...

My hardest time is the weekend. I can ground, center, breathe every day of the week, but on the weekend, I am creating, cooking, taking photos of our amazing earth or doing the many things I don't have time to do during the week and I often forget.

It bothers me in one way, but in another, I feel so fulfilled by seeing and creating and doing. Maybe it's just another way?

Marya said...

The secular is the sacred. I loved this post -- the need to be aware, connected, political, sexual, competent. And above all intuitive, listening out for the unspoken.

clymela said...

And....I love the comments here-knew I would.
My life is full to overflowing with relatives who need shelter and the young ones guidance as well. I find that the only time I am free to get back to myself is the FIRST thing in the morning. And it seems to me that because of that other opportunities arise during the hectic family life that might otherwise go unnoticed.