Friday, November 13, 2009

What She Said


Teacats said...

I do believe that positive thoughts helped me stay afloat when we have no jobs here! We do have a small business here selling things on EBay. We live in a small house (which we can afford) and our new cars are paid off (thanks to saving, paying cash AND Cash for Clunkers) We have no insurance and are working are that one next! But being miserable all of the time didn't help. No delusions. Just the basics. Ask. Think/Visualiztion. Be Grateful. And we are Very grateful and watch the finances!

P.S. I believe that the decorating trend towards minimalism brought down the economy!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Sharl said...

Her diagnosis explains a significant number of folks, at least among the more well-off - day traders and "house flippers" in the real estate market fit her description. But I think desperation also explains the debt incurred by a huge number of folks, especially among poor and working class folks [which she in fact certainly knows from her earlier work (e.g., her book "Nicked and Dimed")]. Of course, health crises constitute much (if not most) of that desperation debt.

I was going to add the notion that, in a just world, Ehrenreich, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Goodman, and Naomi Klein would have their own Sunday morning panel show. But then I realized that in such a world, their services as truth-tellers might not be so much in demand.