Friday, December 18, 2009


I am so there.

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Kate said...

Movie night?

Ralph said...

My image of Alice, formed by looking so many times at the original Tenniel illustrations, at first seemed miles away from the girl-woman cast in Tim Burton's new movie. But when I went back to this amazing photo of Lewis Carroll's young friend, Alice Liddell, I have to concede that maybe, after all, Rev. Dodgson could have imagined someone like her appearing in the sequel. He did, after all, write that doing mental calculations while going to sleep often saved him from impure thoughts. As if tgo emphasize the point, in a letter, Dodgson remarked in a letter (andthis is true, not a joke) that, "I am fond of children, except boys."

Hecate said...


Movie night sounds great! We should sneak some Victorian drinks in with us. I bet E knows some!