Monday, December 14, 2009

Education Fail!

Here's an interesting story about a fifteen-year-old Wiccan whose school choral class is singing xian holiday songs. The school's agreed to let her "sit out" those songs, but as she says, This is school and not church," . . . I was the one kid that stood out." And, as someone who really enjoys some xian choral music, I'm almost ready to agree with the teacher who explains that his music has some historical and choral importance and is being taught for those reasons until the article gets around to mentioning that : The [student's family, the] Keens also have raised concerns this year about prayers in class and a prayer board posted in the choir room.

Miller said he gave students permission to lead prayers in class Mondays, at their request. The prayer board was a student-led activity, he said. Miller revamped the concert to include a wider variety of secular songs for the holiday season.

First Amendment Fail!

I notice that the compromise didn't involve including some Wiccan music in the program and letting the xian students sit those out while Ms. Keen sang a couple of solos.

I suspect Ms. Keen will learn a whole lot more, about herself, her society, and the value of standing up for yourself even when that makes you "different," than she'll learn about singing. May the Goddess guard her.

(One does wonder who went to the paper with this story. Was it the family? The school? Some busybody?)

The comments section is worth its weight in, well, dross if not gold. They're such loving, humble people, these xians. Such a shining example of their god's love for all. No, they're not.


xan said...

Subbing a couple of weeks ago I was waiting in a hallway for the kids I was to take to the playground. On the wall was a big board displaying student work. This was near T'giving so they were lists of What I Am Thankful For.

Nearly all said, in that adorable just-learning-how pen(well, crayon-)manship, My Family. Some said My Dog. And at least 3/4 said either Jesus or God or both.

Now maybe these kindergarteners all said this voluntarily and Teacher just helped them with spelling if needed. Given that this is rural w. TN though one might suspect Teacher of offering helpful suggestions.

Personally I have never known 5 and 6 yr. olds to be that heavily into theological studies. Maybe I am out of date.

(Fuck no I didn't say anything about it; I am desperately hoping to grab the next available opening for FT teacher's aide. That or I'm just a wuss.)

Teacats said...

Yes indeed. I do hope and pray and send along Watching, Guarding and Warding Thoughts for that brave child. Especially in this state!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage