Saturday, February 06, 2010


Professionally Outraged catholic Bill Donohue and others explain why it's actually discrimination against xians for the Air Force to take seriously xian desecration of Pagan worship spaces. No. Really.

"The cross was also compared to a swastika. Mikey Weinstein, a past graduate of the Academy who incredibly has clients of his watchdog group on campus, said that the cross at the pagan site was tantamount to having a swastika in the Jewish center!

"Weinstein has long insisted that Evangelicals are guilty of intolerance at the Academy, though a 2005 report on this issue found “no overt discrimination.” But the report did detail examples of religious intolerance against Catholics and Protestants.

"These remarks have added to the chilling atmosphere that Catholics and Protestants must endure. I wrote to the Congress in 2005 about this matter, and I am doing so again.

"We need to know why hypersensitivity to non-Christians has evolved into insensitivity to Christians."

The whole sorry thing is here.

And, yeah, a cross in a Pagan worship space is like a swastika in a Jewish space. Xians killed witches; Nazis killed Jews. Neither one of those symbols is introduced into such a space as a sign of anything other than hatred and an intent to frighten. Nice religion you got there, xians. Those poor, poor persecuted xians.

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Terry C, NJ said...

Donahue really needs to get himself a life.

Honestly. This is someone who spends his entire existence looking for "slurs" against his precious religion.

Kate said...

I've gotta say, the only thing that bothers me nearly as much as the intolerance is the absolute shock some people express when they learn about it. Outrage, sure. That I can understand. But surprise? No. This is not new. Intolerance has always played a large role in our military. That "us v. them" mentality is a critical military motivator and the concept of intolerance is something that's taught from day one of boot camp. The military doesn't value difference. IIRC, the saying is "different gets you dead, recruit."

Seeing as how our supposedly-free society hasn't figured out how to accept differences, I think we've got a long way to go before we can expect that kind of radical philosophical shift from our military, particularly given their current state of "programming". Fixing this begins with acknowledging that the current system is fatally flawed and requires massive overhaul if it is to ever achieve full functionality. Temples, Churches, and Pagan Circles built on such a flawed foundation will always be susceptible to shit like this.

My unsolicited $0.02 as former USN property.

Nancy Green said...

You guys aren't still mad about that Inquisition thing, are you?