Sunday, June 27, 2010

How It's Done

Here's a lovely write-up (quite rare for the WaPo, which generally ignores Pagans all together) of ConnectDC's recent public ritual.

After purifying and grounding themselves with a zinnia dipped in water, members of the group cast a circle and honored the sun goddess, Amatersu, and the Potomac River. Singing, laughter and not being afraid to "let your inner-dork hang out" were part of the hour-long event. As founder Katrina Messenger said, "Humor is one of the magical tools." Added Adam Miramon, "So is laughter."

Extra points to the author for capitalizing "Wiccan," but minus points for the lower-case "Goddess."

To nitpick, I don't think that they grounded themselves w/ the zinnia. I think they purified (asperged) themselves w/ a zinnia dipped in water (lovely touch) and then grounded, but that's the sort of mistake that it's easy for an outsider to make. This article is definitely a move forward for WaPo.


Marcellina said...

I have taken the opposite approach — I see no reason why any religion has to be capitalized when written, nor the words god or goddess. That goes for christianity as well, naturally, no matter what my spell checker is trying to tell me.

Hecate said...


That makes perfect sense to me. My concern is with the inconsistent approach, whereby "real" religions and deities get capitalized, while "others" don't.