Tuesday, June 29, 2010


G/Son and I had a sleepover this weekend. We had an amazing time and drifted happily off to sleep, with him asking me to "one more time" sing him the lullabies that I used to sing to his father. He gets quite a kick out of the idea of Son being a little boy who went off to sleep with lullabies. About 3:00 in the morning, he stirred and whimpered, and I went over and rubbed his back and said, "It's just a dream. Nonna's here. Everything's ok. It's just a dream." G/Son murmured, still asleep, "Scares me, Nonna." I said, "Here, let's say 'pouf!' together; that will make it go away, like a bubble popping in the air," and, so, we did.

In the bright morning sunshine, eating breakfast out on the porch, I said, "It sounded like you had a scary dream last night." G/Son said, "Storm Troopers." I said, "Do you remember how we said, 'Pouf!" and made the storm troopers go away?" G/Son said, "Yes, just like a bubble popping in air."

So, I said, "Well, the next time that you have a scary dream, if you want to, you can use 'Pouf" and make it pop and go away. When you get older, I'll teach you some other stuff to do with the dreams, but, for now, you can tell those storm troopers 'Pouf!' and, since it's your dream, when you say 'Pouf!" they have to go pouf." G/Son laughed, we practiced saying "Pouf" and waving our arms and then we turned to a discussion of why the squirrels in Nonna's yard come and eat the bird food.


Desiree said...

LOVE this! I will have to teach this to my daughter so she can use it when she has bad dreams.

Cyn said...

I kind of like this! I am planning on using it at work, grocery stores, where ever I happen to be when the "storm troopers" mess with me.


Teacats said...

Mind if I borrow this? My dreams have been most disturbing -- maybe the full moon? Sheesh. Even my DH's dreams have been so bad that HE bought a little dreamcatcher today!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Glauke said...

A couple of years ago my then-boyfriend had a nightmare, inspired by a movie we had seen.

I remembered the ridiculous-spell from Harry Potter, and made the cause of fear do all sorts of silly things.

But POUF is so much shorter :)