Thursday, July 01, 2010

It Rhymes!

Kagan the Pagan.

Isn't that funny? No, it's not.

Course, his name is "Savage." Just saying.

Goddess, I wish she were a radical leftist, but this is just more Overton Window work. The radical right never takes a day off.


Cyn said...

I wish she was a radical leftist, too. I like her, I'm just a little worried she isn't the liberal we need on the Court.

Hecate said...


She's nothing like a liberal. She's just better than whoever President Palin would have picked, but that doesn't mean she's good. Course, sometimes, folks get into that lifetime tenure job and blossom. I'm going to be doing magic to encourage that.

Cyn said...

Hecate, I will join you. You in DC and me in NY.

Give me a roadmap and we shall meet in the middle.


Anonymous said...

His name isn't really Savage-- it's Weiner. Michael Weiner. Savage is just his trying-way-too-hard-to-compensate show-biz name.