Thursday, July 01, 2010

It's Elemental

My great luxury this Summer is water.

A year ago, Landscape Guy put in trees, dozens of gardenia bushes, hundreds of day lilies, lots and lots of toad lilies, butterbur, and ferns. Then, the blizzards of early 2010 hit and damaged quite of bit of what we'd done. Now, we're in the middle of a quite dry Summer. And, so, I water.

I do have a rain barrel and it helps quite a bit. Every morning and twice every evening, I move the hose to a different spot to drain the water onto another dry area in the garden. And, then, I turn on the sprinkler. I've been packing lunches, doing w/o much air conditioning, foregoing new clothes to pay for the water. It's what I really want.

In the Winter, my great luxury is often Fire, in the form of gas heat, although I also luxuriate in knitted covers (Earth) and hot baths (Water, Fire), warm soups (Earth), and the scent of dried herbs (Earth, Air).

What elemental luxuries do you enjoy this time of year?


The Cottage Wytch said...

Air baby!!! I enjoy air conditioning (and a nice ocean breeze too).

Hecate said...

Cottage Witch,

oh, an ocean breeze would be heaven!

anita said...

Water—it's dry here, too. Fortunately, we have a well for outside water, so I can stand with the hose and feel my herbs sigh with pleasure while I water them . . . and sprinkle myself while I'm at it if it's hot enough.

Anonymous said...

Definitely cool ocean breezes during the early evening, and my toes in the salty water. I live about 15 miles from the beach and while I do not enjoy sunbathing, I absoultely love sitting in the warm sand around 6pm or so and watching the waves come in while my littleman plays in the sand and surf.

Marcellina said...

I too have been seeking water, but on a larger scale: twice this week hiked over an hour in order to jump into cool mountain lakes. May compromise and hike over to the public pool tonight. Just need to be in water.

Teacats said...

Water and air dominate all living here in the DFW area. We have had some rain showers from the hurricane -- and are most thankful for those! But cool air keeps us going when the temperatures top 99 degrees!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage