Saturday, July 31, 2010

Still Enough To Get You Killed

Hacked to death, this time.

CALASIAO, Pangasinan – A 69-year old woman, who was being suspected as a witch, died after she was stabbed and hacked to death by a 36-year old man, whose relative was one of the alleged victims of the former at Lumban here Thursday afternoon. . . . Initial [reports] showed that the victim has been suspected of being a witch who reportedly toyed with the suspect's female relative, who eventully suffered from mental disorders.

Witnesses informed police investigators that the suspect had been seen around Albania's residence over the past several days, obviously conducting a surveillance of the woman’s daily routine so that he could work out his plan against her.

Albania reported the matter to barangay officials but nothing was done about the said report.
. . .

Relatives of the victim vehemently denied the allegation that their dead kin was a witch, saying that such suspicion has never been proven.

It's easy to dismiss cases such as this one as something that only happens "over there" or, when they move to England, as things that only happen to "other people." As we move into increasingly bad economic times, declining oil, and ever-worse environmental disasters and stresses (cough*waterwars*cough), those dismissals sound increasingly like people whistling in the dark. But we're Witches. We willingly explore the dark. And we'd better begin to do more than whistle about this problem.

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