Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My New Name for a Blog

What Athenae Said

Democrats aren't going to be losing seats in a few weeks because liberals haven't internalized being nice to the rich. They're going to be losing seats because THIS ECONOMY BLOWS and there's no real sign of it not blowing because of anything Democrats are willing to say they've done. They're going to be losing seats because there are no jobs. They're going to be losing seats because they didn't fix enough about how busted health care is. They're going to be losing seats because college still costs too much, elementary schools have holes in the roof, and the universal response to hard times in any town in this country is shutting down the library and firing the cops and the guys who fix the sewers.

They're going to be losing seats not because they didn't think or feel the right things but because they didn't DO the right things. Because everybody's tired, and everybody's scared, and everybody's tired of being scared. Tired of worrying about savings. Tired of worrying about debt. Tired of worrying about saving to pay off debt. There never seems to be enough money and every time the phone rings it's $600, and the message from Washington is some incoherent combo of "it's already okay, so your desperation is all in your head" and "don't blame me, man, I was never even HERE."

Yet pricks like Sullivan think it's about what narratives we've internalized.

Go read the whole thing. You'll thank me.

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Teacats said...

Thank you. Really. Honestly. Thank you.

No jobs here. No health insurance. The last 10 years have been so very very hard on both of us. Our EBay store keeps us going.

And YES. I am desperately tired. And very scared. Awake again last night with the fear.

The fabled "money" is being hoarded by the wealthy at the top of the heap. More than a mere glass ceiling. It is a freakin' gold one. And a lot of the money is in the war. And its surrounding businesses.

No longer "We The People" -- it is "We The Peasants" Welcome to the Dark Ages.


Hecate said...


I hear you. I don't know anyone who isn't worried about the job they have, looking desperately for a new job (even though there are none out there), staring at the ceiling at 3:00 am trying to figure out how to just stay afloat.

It's sad that, at a time when America has such great infrastructure needs, a population of people who need jobs, an economy that needs people who have jobs so they can spend money, and money available to be borrowed at historic low interest rates, our President and Senate won't put a WPA in place.

Makarios said...

I'm not a US resident and don't have a dog in this hunt, but I can't resist adding:

- Rewarding the banksters for the crooked behaviour that got the country (and much of the rest of the world) into this economic mess.

- Throwing women under the bus to appease Bart Stupak and Joe Lieberman.

OK, I could go on, but my hair is about to catch fire. You get my point, though. In just about every dimension, Mr. "Yes we can" has turned out to be Mr. "No I won't." And much of the Democratic base has apparently reached the point at which "Vote for us because we're not Republicans" is no longer good enough. For most practical purposes, Obama is serving Dubya's third term.

Teacats said...

The "truth" is The Great Lie of Democracy -- basically there are NO political parties -- BOTH sides cater to Big Corporations and to Money.

I believe that We The Peasants should vote to halt all salaries to the Senate and Congress. And benefits. And retirement. Stop paying millionaires!

Pry the money out of the deep pockets of the super-wealthy.

Very very annoyed here.