Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Gove And What I Find There

The forest is the heartland of my soul and the grove is my holy temple, with ceiling of sky and floor of earth and walls of living wood, every aspect in a constant state of change -- the clouds above, the wind in the trees, growth and decay, night and day. At times it is all enclosed by the forest canopy, sunlight flickering through the leaves, and at times it is bare branches, silver and black in the frosty night, Yet it is always filled with certainty.

~Druidic Priestess by Emma Restall Orr


Anne Johnson said...

Well, I got one of her books, and the first page says that before you read it you have to choose something precious to you and return it to nature, before you can read on.

I have a beautiful crystal wand that I one day intended to return to the earth by tossing it in the swimming hole where I grew up. But the wand and I have a relationship. It understands my intention had a future component to it. I guess not now. I'll have to part with it sooner than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Such lovely prose I put it up on my blog. Thanks so much.