Sunday, March 11, 2007


Today, while I was at work, the sun shone on the crocuses in my front flower bed and they bloomed! Purple, gold, and white; they're the most welcome things that I've seen in such a long time! Other things are beginning to poke their heads up through the dirt to soak up the sun, day lillies and daffodils and some parsley.


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Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was hauling the garbage cans to the curb, and a purple something caught my eye. It was the first of the mini-irises to bloom. They are so small, maybe four inches tall, that they can fit in to tiny spaces. We tucked a dozen of them into a 'dead spot' nestled by a few big rocks, with some new soil and a lot of hope. This morning, several more have opened giving a satisfying splash of color to the yard.

Many bulbs are perfect for high mountain desert gardens. We put in a big selection in the front yard of the office last fall. Having chosen lots of 'mini' varieties I'd never seen on sale before locally, I expect there will be some surprises and rare delights over the next few months.

Right now, it's cleanup time in my yard. Even with my constant patrolling of the pinons during heavy snowfalls to knock as much of the snow load off as I could reach, several have big branches broken that will have to be removed.

But Spring is coming! The Maiden of Flowers is beginning her Dance and the earth is once again reborn in green.

Ah, it's good to be a Pagan and a gardener in the spring.

NM Red