Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Just Don't Have Much Else to Say

Thanks, Christians. Thanks for sharing your love. It's quite an eloquent testimony to your "god of love" that so many teens and grown ups feel this way.

No, it's not.


Anonymous said...

This was absolutely heartbreaking.

I can in no way claim the suffering these teens went and go through, but at that age I was so very close to offing myself as a public service, and these confessions really strike a chord within me.

Just the words "it gets better" mean so much to me, even though there's no way to guarantee it. Still, just the revelation of how much what seemed etched in stone is in fact illusion is worth living enough to see (I suppose).

Sobeit said...

I watch this video and I too was deeply touched with what was being said and by the pictures of the boys who have killed themselve. Then I moved several of the other videoes that were also about this subject. Thank the Goddess that there is finally beginning to be changes in peoples' attitudes, that there is support out there for those with these issues... may it continue to spread and reach those who need it.
There are many other issues that teens suffer through in growing up but this is one issue that very difficult to deal with.

Teacats said...

Had a darn good weep over this one. Hoping that more can reach out over the social networks to all those kids who suffer because they are/or are perceived as "different" Hope that our wide-reaching/ranging community can do our part for all these kids -- including those that are Pagan. Or -- thanks to recent news developments (sigh -- blast that woman)-- those that are being harassed as Witches.

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Miss Ash said...

I'm so glad you posted this.
Even though it took three times as long to watch it as it is in actual length- I'm guessing because so many folks on youtube were also trying to watch it- it was totally worth the time.
And it inspired me.

I love the "it gets better" campaign.

Mama Kelly aka Jia said...

it is hope-inspiring to see so much good coming out of so much recent tragedy ... thank you for sharing this Hecate

Ericka said...


I hadn't seen this powerful and heartbreaking video. Wow.

I've come to despise the word 'tolerance' because of the connotation of power, inequality and segregation it has. But, all the same, I have but one goal for young Samuel: it is that he sees the differences in his fellow [figurative] brothers and sisters with love and understanding...not greet those differences with fear and hate.

If I can do that, I will have succeeded as a mother.

susane said...

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