Saturday, October 16, 2010

You Should Read This

You Should. If you have the gift of eyes, or if you have the gift of technology that brings computer postings to your ears or fingertips, you should "read" this.
I kneel down and peer at these tiny orbs of water. Wet-kneed, I see this world again, but tiny, upside-down, and clear, washed new for this day. Who scattered these microcosmic scrying balls amongst the grass for me today?

Oddly, the other day, I had a dream about kneeling down, wet-kneed (in an, ahem, different context) that has stayed with me all week, tugging at my awareness, whispering at odd times, "No, you're not done with me, nor I (and the dreamed-of-one, slipped beyond the now-thin veil) with you."

I'm sure there are some, but I don't know a Witch who does not love this veil-thin, death-tinged time of year.

This morning we woke up and, after dressing G/Son in cozy cotton clothing against the morning chill and setting the kettle on for a hot cup of tea to warm my old, knitting-swollen fingers, I was making breakfast; I asked G/Son (doing art at the kitchen nook table and drinking the juice from a CSA orange), "So, did you have any dreams last night?" G/Son said, "No, Nonna. I was trying to sleep. But I know you dreamed about a man who was making too much noise and about a river." And, of course, that was, at least on the surface, what I'd dreamed about.

Thin veils, in so many ways.

What about it do you love?

Picture found here.


Sobeit said...

I love this!! I adore this!! A visual treat and I love visual aspects of the world right behind auditory ones... Thank you for bringing this to our intention. I will be back to visit her blog many times...
And I noticed my blog (A Witch's Daily) is listed in your Blog Roll... Thanks so much. I about fell off my chair when I saw that. I feel like I've made the big time. I've admired your blog for soooo long...

Hecate said...



Many thanks for your kind words. I check your blog every day! Glad you enjoyed the Hermitage post; she writes so well, doesn't she?

Teacats said...

Fascinating posting!! Dreams are so interesting (in SO many ways! LOL!) at this time of the Wheel. Your G/s will be a man of many and varied Powers!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

susane said...

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