Monday, October 11, 2010

My New Name for a Blog

What Athenae Said.

Also: Patriarchy. You're Soaking In It.

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Anonymous said...

Well, you know how some aspects of faith become figurative and metaphysical and not literal as time goes on? I suppose mercy is one of those things.

Something struck me about the comments in that gun control article. I bumped into a comment that said something along the lines of that you should not own a gun if you're fearful. I think that's a very wise thing to ponder.

Maybe the ground and plants are just wet enough over there for one house fire to not present a threat to the community, but it seems to me that driving out to watch a fire get big enough to start to damage a house deemed worth saving before putting it out instead of putting it out right away strikes me as very irresponsible fire control, let alone simply making a point and making sure someone is punished. As much as everyone might suffer because someone was irresponsible and didn't pay for it can't match the amount the everyone might have suffered for making sure he paid for it.