Tuesday, October 12, 2010

See? This Is What I'm Talking About

"Were you a Christian before becoming a pagan?"

Kali Fuck, did no one's third grade teacher bother with the rules of punctuation?

Read the whole thing here.

See, here, also about not volunteering information such as:

What is a witch?

A wise woman or man. We're not the creatures people have made us out to be with pointy noses and green faces.

Imagine instead:

What is a witch?

A wise woman or man. Someone who is in touch with nature and who understands that everyone and everything is connected. A witch is someone who honors the ancestors and the seasons of the Earth. Witches are lawyers, doctors, computer programers, parents, neighbors, voters.

People keep doing it. I'm going to keep complaining about it.

Picture found here.


Melissæ said...

The image is the perfect fit for your post.

Hecate said...


It truly is, isn't it?

Makarios said...
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Makarios said...

You know, it really looks as if we're going to have to roll up our sleeves and put together that "Media Relations 101 for Pagans" piece, since I don't see anyone else raising their hand. Something to do in our copious free time.

Kidding aside, if you'd be interested in working on something like this, I'd be pleased to contribute what I could.

Anonymous said...

*head desk*

Media Relations for Pagans. I wish. The uneducated seem to prefer it that way, will the ones who really need it actually read it?