Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A City Built On A Swamp

Reya talks about why it can be difficult to do magic in D.C. And, yet, magic done in D.C. can be amazingly effective. About half of the magic that my circle does is done mere blocks from the Capitol. I feel its presence every single time that we do magic there. I use it to ground and to direct. I love Washington, D.C. I came here 47 years ago, a little girl from the mountains of Colorado, walked outside of Union Station, took one look at the Christopher Columbus fountain, and knew that I was home. I've loved other places in my time. Pasadena and the San Gabriel Mountains. The Caymans. West Virginia. But I will never love anywhere else on Earth the way that I love this swampy, powerful, confusing city full of fountains.

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BBC said...

Hum, wish I could do magic. I'll tell you what, use your magic to fix this world and I will take up a great belief in it.

You know what is interesting? If you owned your own planet you would run it as a theocracy. Just saying. Hugs.