Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm So Ashamed. I Forgot To Do First Of The Month Bazooms Blogging!

I blame Lammas. I blame the lazy, heady days of high Summer. I blame Miss Thing. I really don't know how I forgot to do it, especially since August 1st is when I called to schedule my mammogram and annual appointment with my surgeon, but I forgot to do First of the Month Bazooms Blogging! Here, better late than never, is August Bazooms Blogging.

The first (week) of the month is a good time to do a breast self exam (BSE). BSEs are easy to do: here's how. Doing a regular BSE can save your life because it can help you to detect a cancerous lump early. Catching cancer early is, as I am living proof, the best way to fight it and live. So, women, order pizza and slip a movie in the DVD player so that the kids will leave you alone for 15 minutes. Take some time for yourself and give yourself a BSE. When you're done, have some chocolate. Have a green smoothie. Have a nap. Visit Avalon. Have tea.

Men, are there any women you'd miss if they were not around? Wife, lover, daughter, friend, granddaughter, neice, co-workers, employees, mothers, grandmothers? Why not offer to take the kids to the park, pick up dinner, get the oil changed so that they'll have time to do a BSE?

Geez, you'd think someone would have reminded me!


madamab said...

Better late than never! Good on ya, Hecate. Lovely bazooms!

Anonymous said...

It's Prior A's fault. He's the one who always reminds you about the bosoms.

Isn't it interesting that he's the only religious I can think of concerning whose celibacy I have no doubts about whatever. Mostly because he talks about sex and its attractions so cheerfully and openly I guess. :)

--xan (still anon thanks to evil google/blogger)