Sunday, August 05, 2007

My New Name For A Blog

What Athenae said: Be great instead of being ashamed.


BBC said...

I think that this is my first visit to your blog, that doesn't give me much insight into what you are, or what you are about. I will try to return more to get a better sense of you.

I'm very busy and it's difficult working through a humans brain that they spent many years trying to brainwash though.

"Patriarchy ", interesting word. But it remains to be seen that I was still only the second living thing in the cosmos, and a male at that, and not the first.

I did however sex the first to get everything going in all that is creation. Long story, it's too bad that Christianity and Islam took women, Goddess, out of their religions. Look at what a mess that turned out to be. Hugs.

BBC said...

BTW..... God is a frigging idiot. :-)

Hey, what do you expect for something in evolution?

And you are a lawyer in D.C. Oh, hon, we won't go there. :-)

Anonymous said...

Patriarchy---a fools game.
Control and power is for the simple minded. That which they seek they exactly what holds them bound.