Monday, August 06, 2007

Some Days I Am Too Pissed Off To Blog

I'm too mad at the Democrats to even blog about them. If they won't stand up to a lame duck with a 28% approval rating, when a basic issue of Constitutional liberty is at stake, I imagine that it's safe to say that they won't ever stand up to anyone. Ever. Gotta keep that dry powder dry and powdery. Because dry powder is just great stuff.

Jim Webb, I'm looking at you, asshole.

Meanwhile, the estimable Dr. Black put up a post that includes this bit of wisdom: “The thing that caused the problem is making it harder to solve the problem.”

I think that when each child is born, she should receive a locket with those words engraved upon it. They're true in almost every situation.

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Anonymous said...

they sicken me.....those weak human stick figures that claim all that political power....they sicken me.