Sunday, August 05, 2007

Why I Love This Religion

Anne Johnson informs her readers that:
I have to go fill 36 water balloons for a Lughnasadh picnic. Makes me smile just thinking about it.


Anne Johnson said...

And that's just what they looked like too!

We also had a dragon toss and a spear throw. We used a cute stuffed toy dragon (won by Muin, whose 2nd child is due in September). The spears were asparagus. Did you know it breaks apart when you hurl it through the air?

My daughter The Heir brought two of her friends. My daughter The Spare took South again ... second ritual in a row! The picnic didn't break up until 4:00.

Funny thing is that our meeting place is in a park that lies close to the home of the group's founder. Except the group's founder has dropped out, leaving us all a commute. And we're doing it, by golly. One family comes all the way from Allentown.

Happy Lughnasadh -- harvest time!

Anonymous said...

happy Lughnasad---thanks for keeping joy alive and well and living in the suburbs.