Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama Restaurant Watch

Dear Mr. Obama,

Maybe this weekend, you can take Michelle and your two lovely daughters to Kramer's Books & Afterwords. It's a DC institution. You can buy some books and, then, have Obama Family Chili for just $12. At Kramer's, they make it from Café ground beef shoulder, onion, pepper & red beans, cumin, oregano, turmeric, basil, chili powder, and tomato; topped w/cheddar, red onion, scallion, sweet peppers & sour cream. Kramer's serves it with seasonal green salad w/apple, onion & walnuts.

I was there today for lunch and had the Narragansett Baked ½ Lobster w/ crabmeat, brushed w/sweet butter & fired under the broiler, w/Café mac & cheese, corn & lima bean succotash; grilled fresh asparagus. You can walk next door to Marvelous Market for v good brownies for dessert.

Come on. You live here. Take the girls out to eat and buy books here.

More on the Obamas' trips to various restaurants in DC here.

Picture found here.


Anne Johnson said...

Doggone it, I object! We hard-working taxpayers are already supplying Mr. Obama and his family with a five-star chef! And he wants to eat out? Who's paying for that? We the people?

On the other hand, if I come to D.C., will you go there with me?

Anne Johnson said...

Sorry ... Anne channeling her inner Rush Limbaugh ... ick.

Anonymous said...

Anne channeling her inner Rush Limbaugh

Don't do that, please!

Terry C, Viva La Vida!

Anonymous said...