Friday, October 23, 2009

Bonewits Hospitalized

A note from Spells for Democracy:

Isaac Bonewits is hospitalized in Rockland County, New York, running a fever, with two large cysts on his prostate that the surgeons intend to drain or remove soon.

We owe Isaac much.

Work for clarity and sklll for his doctors and healing for Isaac has been requested.

It would be just like Isaac to pass at Samhein, but it's still too soon to lose him. Maybe you can do some magic?

Update: Isaac's in-hospital treatment is going very well and he is much more comfortable, although very tired. Many thanks for all the healing energies. Tests and biopsies are meandering along, with no real results yet. We may know more later today (Friday) or perhaps not for another couple of days.

Additional Update: Surgery has been delayed until Isaac's white blood cell count is below 1100 - when he entered the hospital it was 1600, at last report of which I am aware it was 1300.


Anonymous said...

Done. May all procedures go better than even he could expect. I can easily see him opting to surf the tide of the year out, and that would be his right to decide. But I agree that the world doesn't need to lose that combination of intellect and humor right now, and hope he doesn't feel the need to split just yet.


Bookhousegal said...

All the best, Isaac!


Anne Johnson said...

Oh my, I'm just now seeing this. I had the pleasure of hearing Isaac give a very long, and not at all dull, talk about the founding of ADF. I don't follow ADF's practice, but I think Isaac is swell. I'm out to my shrine this very minute!