Saturday, March 24, 2007

What I Love About This Religion:

"Does anyone have a squirt gun to be used for calling West?" is a completely understandable question.

The "Hello Kitty" mylar baloons all over the yard were considered completely appropriate decorations for one of the 8 high holy days of the year.

A Giglliana is a valid form of worhip.

Dancing the hokey pokey, G/Son in arms, is part of the worship service.

G/Son grabbing the big yellow cloth tulip wand and toddling around the circle (Deosil! The boy's a genius) seemed as good a way to cast the circle as any.


Well, what can I say? It was Eostara. We were welcoming the maiden.


Thers said...

We need to lend you our 2-year-old. She seems to have exactly the right spirit for such occasions.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I looked up Giglianna, and was pointed back to your blog. So even though you don't know me from Adam, please define.I was pointd this way by D. Sylvan.